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As of the spring of 2004, our project has two faces in the community of Bamdi.   One is the craft training school which employs over a dozen women learning and making crafts from bamboo.  (Click here)

The other is our nursery where we have grown and distributed over 5000 bamboo starts.  We have planted over 120 acres of erosion threatened land, 5 acres of which were on land that has seasonal rivers.  We have sought out and propagated many varieties of bamboo each having remarkable characteristics offering one advantage or another.





Above, 1 year old bamboo is being uprooted for transplanting. 



Our Nursery manager inspects 2 year old bamboo, after it has survived a season of flash flooding.








3 year old bamboo after 2 years in the flood plain. The success of this experiment brings offers of much more land that we can plant with starts from the nursery. 

After just a few years the 5000+ bamboo starts we have planted will mature and start producing bamboo poles to harvest.  Soon after there will be an excess of bamboo in the larger community of Pokhara.  

Currently we are laying out detailed plans for a small factory near Pokhara.  This will produce plywood and corrugated sheet roofing made from woven bamboo mats soaked in resin and pressed together in a hydraulic press.  

This product will compete with imported sheet metal roofing and plywood, saving thousands of dollars from leaving the area and country.  At least 200 jobs for women weaving bamboo mats at their own homes will be created.  Farmers throughout the area will be encouraged to plant bamboo on their erosion prone lands, which creates income for those managing the bamboo.  

The bamboo itself is a blessing to any environment.  Its rapid leaf and wood development generates much needed fodder and firewood.  The roots rapidly move into areas of seasonal runoff  laying down a carpet of roots that filter the water of an incredible amount of pollutants and toxins.  The root matting works well to tie and net together even the rockiest of soils.

Here around Bamdi, good things happen when we plant bamboo.  It's a good thing we have lots of bamboo to plant.


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