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Here, at the Crafts School our students keep learning 
how to create salable items made of bamboo grown at
our nursery. 
All of these crafts goods are now in stock and being sold locally in Nepal. 

Ash trays and fruit baskets

Due to the current situation of wide spread civil unrest the local economy is suffering greatly.  It is not our intent to enter into competition with the other bamboo craft exporting countries.  Our intention and goal is to market our goods in Nepal.  However at this time we are currently willing to export to other countries.  If you, or someone you know, could market any of these items in quantity we are very happy to work with you.

If there is a craft design made of bamboo that you want to sell, we can probably make it.   Contact us.  Surely, together, we can make it work for all of us.

Tea cup racks, baskets, and picture frames


You can contact the Bamboo's Secret Charity for more information, contributions, spiffy ideas and/or work offerings at:

The Bamboo's Secret
Phone: 1(808) 344-8023

Or directly in Nepal:

The Bamboo's Secret School
Bamdi, Chapakot

Email to Nepal:

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