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Projects we are doing now

The nursery continues to grow Bamboo and other grasses which are not  available locally.  The cost of maintaining the nursery with two full time employees, is about $325.00/ month

The School is preparing to close for the fall holiday and harvest season.  For the school and teacher we need about $200/ month.  Each of our 5 students require $50.00/ month in materials and other assistance.

About 8 acres of very steep, soft, landslide prone land above the nursery has been planted in a very deep rooted, perennial grass called "Broomgrass" as the flowering stalks are used locally to make brooms.  This project cost us $350 and has already been paid for.

The planting of 200 Bamboo plants on land near to the nursery cost $650.00.  The majority of this cost is due and not yet paid.  Please help.

We have just about completed another large Bamboo planting project nearer to Pokhara.  Approximately 10 acres of steep and eroded wasteland have been fenced and planted.  This is being turned over to a village elected committee to maintain for the benefit of the village. This has cost us $1200, all of which is due soon.

In the USA we are currently in great need of support as well.  This website involves a great amount of time to create and maintain.  Registering the project as a Non-profit organization will require about $400 in direct costs.  Registering this website with search engines needs hundreds of dollars as well.

Projects we are dreaming of in future

Our short term goals include maintaining and improving the school in many ways.  First by teaching what we do know to as many women as we can afford to.  In the next year we would like to send a student or apprentice teacher to furniture making factories in India, Vietnam, Thailand or Indonesia to learn their more highly refined skills.  She would then return to teach these crafts locally.

As the project progresses we are continually being offered small tracks of waste land on which to plant Bamboo.  If you wish to be informed of these projects as they come up, please let us know.  Most of them are of relatively small cost and could conceivably be supported by a single individual.  Imagine how it would feel to personally sponsor reviving a piece of eroded land as well as bring a new sense of wealth to a village community.  There is a seemingly endless quantity of these arrangements.

Our long term goal is to introduce some fairly large factory just below the confluence of the Trisuli, Kali Gandaki and Seti rivers in the town of NarayanGhar in the Terrai.  We assume it will produce either Bamboo flooring or Bamboo lumber (and then furniture or?).  Paper is also a possibility.  The idea is that fully 25% of Nepal's watershed drains past this town and much of this environmentally distressed watershed is perfect for growing Bamboo.  It is a relatively small task to transport Bamboo from these areas down the river to the factory.  NO roads need to be built.  NO large changes in cultures or lifestyles need occur.  The Environment can be greatly improved and millions of villagers can gently improve their livelihoods.

Please join us in this very worthy effort.  You can donate to a specific cause or make a general donation.  We encourage you to create a monthly donation program, but everything you offer is greatly and genuinely needed.  You can use the donation program on this page or contact us personally.  A very warm thank you for your interest and support.
The Bamboo's Secret Project

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Nursery support and maintenance $ 325.00 monthly
School & teacher support $ 400.00 monthly
Student support please consider sponsoring an individual $ 100.00 monthly
The 200 Bamboo project $ 650.00 
The 400 Bamboo project $ 1200.00
Non-profit registration in the U.S. $ 400.00 plus?
Website search engine registration $ 300.00 to get started