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Tulasi Parajuli

Born and raised on the hillsides above Bamdi, Tulasi has witnessed first hand the devastating landslides that rampage the valley every monsoon. Tulasi's mother was widowed when he was 2 years old.  Tulasi intimately knows the horror that faces a woman widowed in Nepal.








Tulasi has worked with various western organizations since his youth.  First with a Finnish organization who planted great acreages of quickly growing trees over much of the landslide wasted land.  And then working with Jaica (from Japan) who did considerable work introducing outside crops and agricultural techniques. This experience has taught him many of the things that work best for Nepal.  He has witnessed what works and what doesn't as far as helping women and the environment that is his home.
His experience, intelligence, creativity and his love for all the people of the Harpan river valley, have been the roots and soil from which The Bamboo's Secret has grown.

Tulasi so believes that this project is the best road to really serve his homeland that he has invested himself totally since November of '99.  His honorable reputation and respect in his community has been absolutely essential throughout the whole of this project.

Tulasi is currently the managing director of Nepali operations.   His job is to manage the school, the nursery, co-ordination of wasteland recovery projects, as well as communications between Nepal and the American offices.

Anam Kinsey

Raised on the American west coast in a family that spent excessive time exploring the wilderness, Anam has passed a major portion of his life on the outer edges of civilization.  He has been passionately in love with Nepal and it's people since his first glimpse from the airplane window in 1993. Since then he has spent over 3 years living in Nepal intimately involved with Nepali people.  









His experience has convinced him that environmental solutions must and can be self supportive, at least in the long run.  The people involved have to keep winning or they won't keep trying. 

His wide range of experiences and education have lent vision, believability and realism to Tulasi's dream of improving the well being of his homeland. Anam has been "totally in love" with the idea since his was hired by Tulasi in November of '99 to research the marketability of bamboo.  The dream captivated him from the beginning and soon his research revealed the intelligence of utilizing Bamboo to address the terrible suffering that he witnessed daily.   Since then his commitment has been unshakable, and he has devoted himself to the support and work-ability of the Project.

The 7 members of The Bamboo's Secret -Nepal

The staff at the nursery


The women at the school








The Women's Environmental Development Association
hrough their support we have found ourselves welcome in the Bamdi area.  They are our main instrument in arranging volunteer crews as well as the difficult task of encouraging local villages to support us in establishing Bamboo forests on their waste lands.  They will be the managers of the women's bamboo management cooperatives as they develop in the local villages.

The People of Bamdi

The area surrounding the small riverside village of Bamdi, provides us with our five permanent nursery staff.  The occasional crews which supply us with jungle compost and plant "erosion resistant" bamboo and grasses on the steep barren hillsides, are always a great help.  Through their warm, gracious support we have been given custody of the nursery, school and a large area above the village to plant Bamboo on.

 The People of Nepal
ll over Asia the song of the Sacred Bamboo is being heard and harkened to.  From Australia to Siberia, the Philippines to Afghanistan, bamboo is being recognized as the miracle solution to a myriad of problems.  The Nepali people are always quick to understand the overall value that Bamboo offers and are rapidly coming to realize that it's potential may well be beyond imagination.

The People of Earth
he first-world culture, where ever you find it, displays notoriously voracious behavior as part of it's nature.  So many of Earth's new problems are a result of this appetite. The Earth is finding more and more ecological, intelligent solutions in the miracle that is the Bamboo's secret.

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