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Thank You!
For helping save this boy's life!



Our Nepalese friend, Pratab, is doing very well now
thanks to your help

Now in the year 2012 we find that Pratab has healed up very well. In this picture at the left we see him a few years next to his mother.  Just one more proof that you can help save lives and improve situations for many Nepalese people.

Pratab still cannot see very well, reading may forever be beyond his reach.  Still he is alive and happy as you can see. His experiences have awakened the saint in him and he has become a treasure to his neighbors and friends alike.

We all thank you for your help in saving his life.

The following was written several years ago in 2004: 
Pratab with his father and mother made a 5 day journey overland from Pokhara to Bangalore late in January and was checked into the Sai Baba Hospital.  The surgery was done shortly after and seems to be a fair success, so far.  The good news is that he is healing well and the tumor was not cancerous, so he should not be troubled with more of the same later in life. Unfortunately Pratab is still having trouble with one of his eyes, though the other is working well enough.  Apparently the tumor had pinched the optic nerve and it does not appear to be returning to normal function even a month after the operation.

We here at The Bamboo’s Secret are terribly shocked and grieved by the sudden tragedy of our Nepalese director’s son, Pratab, being hospitalized with non cancerous brain tumor.  We found the Sai Baba hospital in Bangalore, south India, where he underwent  surgery the first week of February.  Luckily, the Sai Baba hospital is staffed by volunteer doctors and supported in large part by donations, so the largest of the expenses will be transportation costs and staying in Bangalore for several weeks after the surgery.  For more details click here

Tula Parajuli
, Pratap's father, deserves our support for all his selfless devotion to the project over the past 9 years.  Thank you for helping save his son's life!

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